Rabu, 2 Februari 2011

4) Feeling Down

erm..i check on 'it', i think i should back-off la. Useless i feel. i knew this is the end between us. xnak mengharap dah la kat mana2 guy. mybe i am destined to be sumhow, a single mother-to-be. hehe (still laughing fakefully). Sakitnya hati, but what for? I dont have to keep this feeling anymore. I just need to be me. Just the cute me. Where i have few frenz to hang on. I wish I could have a little baby now. boleh peluk, boleh cium, boleh sembang2, which baby is none other than a pure heart creature. (RINDU KAT babies2 lama yg ceq jaga dulu tuh). Damn! So many things i am so regretted about. i am wishing for better memories , more n more.. be more kind n gentle young Tina. I know u can do it, find ur real path... which u have stepped on before this.

(T:::::::T) ZIP MULUT!!

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