Rabu, 20 Mac 2013


Assalammualaikum wbt,


Everyday, i see those wars but i cannot feel, experience, or face it.
Why God does not let me?
He knows better and I knew it too.
TV - it can show truths and lies.
I watch it again and again.
which can i trust almost?
Here says there,
There says here,
I wish I can see through my heart.

I'm praying for your peaceful and tranquil moment,
I can see your dearest are gone,
I wish they will be among the chosen,
Waiting with opened arms,
Smiling with victories,
Holding your hands and fly to the Heaven.

and countries which encounter the same war,
God has given His bigger trial,
In order to make you stronger,
God has given His biggest test,
No other than to let you be the strongest,
Please wait patiently,
Doors will stand for you,
to the Cloud 7.


Reminder for me

So, when i woke up at 6am to pray subuh, they'll be in class or working or jogging at 9am.

Then, i'll be working at 8.30am, they might be studying i think at 11.30am. =3

Lunch time, mmm..at 1pm and praying Zuhur, they might be tired from classes or watching nature around 4pm. Might prepare for Asar prayer.

Slacking off around 4.30pm, and praying Asar, but they are taking shower to perform Maghrib prayer and taking dinner on 7.30pm.

and i'm off from office around 6pm, they might be watching tv and praying Isya' at 9pm.

7.30pm, time to pray for Maghrib and eat dinner, but they must be already sleepy around 10.30pm. take ur nap dearest friends!

Last prayer for today, 9pm for Isha' here in Msia, and your curfew is 12midnight. Stop staying up, u'll have quick death by keep playing zombie. ARRR~~

12MIDNITE for my curfew, so i'm off to bed. And will they meet "the airies" on 3am?? Hahaha, Allahuakbar, La ila ha illallah. 

So much from me, daa~~


Rabu, 6 Mac 2013

Pre-Grad Dinner 2013

Nice meeting with Wan Naqiyyah, Masita, Janatul 'Adilah, Azaryna, Khadijah....
Eat less sebab malas....and penat.
Sebelum pergi dinner, kena pergi site, tempuh la site panas2, memang mencabar betul hari tu.
Tapi masih lagi bersemangat nak g dinner.
Sayangnya alumni tak ramai datang.
Wish next year dinner will be more splendid!