Rabu, 20 Mac 2013


Assalammualaikum wbt,


Everyday, i see those wars but i cannot feel, experience, or face it.
Why God does not let me?
He knows better and I knew it too.
TV - it can show truths and lies.
I watch it again and again.
which can i trust almost?
Here says there,
There says here,
I wish I can see through my heart.

I'm praying for your peaceful and tranquil moment,
I can see your dearest are gone,
I wish they will be among the chosen,
Waiting with opened arms,
Smiling with victories,
Holding your hands and fly to the Heaven.

and countries which encounter the same war,
God has given His bigger trial,
In order to make you stronger,
God has given His biggest test,
No other than to let you be the strongest,
Please wait patiently,
Doors will stand for you,
to the Cloud 7.


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